Yandere Simulator For PC (Windows) Download Free

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March 13th, 2022


March 14th, 2022



Yandere Simulator For PC (Windows) Download Free

Yandere Simulator For PC

Yandere Simulator is a new stealth action game currently in development by Canadian game designer Yandere LLC. The game is similar to hidden and action games but with a twist. Instead of having you seek for keys or other objects, you have to find the entrances of the school’s dungeons. And you can’t go there without a robot dog to accompany you. This PC game is fully integrated with the Yandere physics engine, so getting the game on your PC should not be too difficult.

If you want to play this PC video game on your Mac OS X instead, you are given two options. You can purchase the Yandere Simulator for Windows Store for a price of $50 or join the open-source community to download the game for free. The choice really is yours since joining the Yandere Simulator for Windows Store might be risky since many people are not happy with the design of this PC game.


Yandere Simulator Screenshots


Although joining the Yandere Simulator for Windows Store may be risky, getting this PC video game is not impossible. In fact, the simulator is designed to be simple enough for a person to use on their Mac OS X. The game is still in the beta stage right now, and though the designers are continuously making improvements, the basic features of the game like its Mac OS X compatibility are yet to be realized.


Smooth Game Play Via Facebook

What is more, the game is also compatible with the popular Facebook application, which has become more popular due to the introduction of its Facebook competitor, Facebook Elements. With these two factors, I think it is safe to predict that the Yandere Simulator for Windows will soon be widely available for a price of $50 or more.

How to get the Yandere Simulator for Windows for free? This is actually not as hard as it sounds. One way would be to look for this PC video game at torrent sites. While this method is legal, it would only work for those who have the ability and bandwidth to download files. You can either download the simulator’s latest version from a torrent site, or you can choose to purchase the game directly from its official website.


Yandere Simulator Is About

Yandere Simulator is a stealth game about stalking a boy and secretly eliminating anyone who seems interested in him while maintaining the image of an innocent schoolgirl. What is important to note about Yandere Simulator for Windows is that it is developed for both Mac and Windows platforms. However, since the Mac version is only available for a few months before the Windows version, most people do not bother downloading it until the time for the release.

Another reason why this game is only available for a few months is that its development only started while the operating system of Apple Macintosh was still in its initial stages of development called Mac OS X. Apple Macintosh has since then released its new operating system called Mac OS X High Sierra which is currently the most recent version of Mac OS X. Therefore, it is not surprising that Yandere Simulator for Windows no longer has a place in the hearts of game enthusiasts.


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But fear not! The developers of the game have released an updated version of the game called Yandere Simulator HD. If you do not want to spend hundreds of dollars just to play the Yandere Simulator anymore, then this is probably the best option for you. Although the game is available for free on torrent sites, it is very unlikely that it is in great condition. The good news is that you can now install a simulator high resolution on your computer for a very affordable price.

To install the new version of the game, simply unzip the Yandere Simulator for Windows PC software from its respective site and copy the file to a convenient location. Next, launch the program and follow the instructions given on the screen. If you would rather play Yandere Simulator in full-fledged mode, you can also set the controls to the keyboard and make use of the mouse instead. When you have successfully installed the program on your PC, you will notice that the game now looks as it did when you first installed it on your PC.


Features Of Yandere Simulator


Persistent Reputation:

=> When you are spotted doing something incriminating, students will gossip about you. When your reputation is low, students will be cautious around you and will consider you to be suspicious. When your reputation is high, students will let their guard down around you and will be willing to do favors for you.


Sanity Level:

=>  When you perform an act of violence, you will lose Sanity. This will cause you to appear visibly insane. If you lose too much Sanity, people will be able to tell that you are insane just by looking at you. If the boy you love sees you like this, he could never love you, and the game would be over.


Sanity-Determined Kill Animations:

=>  The killing animations will be determined by your current level of Sanity. When your Sanity is high, your kills will be efficient, quick, and silent. When your Sanity is low, your kills will be sloppy, messy, and noisy. When you have lost all Sanity, your kills will be long, brutal, and sadistic.


Yandere Vision:

=>  A button on the keyboard/controller will be dedicated entirely “Yandere” actions, such as creepy laughter. When Yandere Vision is active, important characters and objects will be highlighted and visible through walls.


Panty Shots:

=>  A certain character will perform important favors for you if you send them photographs of girls’ panties. Panty shots are a “currency” that can buy favors and give you various advantages.

Since most people use Microsoft products to run their systems, it should come as no surprise that Yandere Simulator comes fully packed with Microsoft tools. You can install the game on your PC using the installation wizard that is included in the software. If you prefer to use your mouse, you can use the thumbstick to control the movements of the characters.

Download Yandere Simulator

When you are done, the game will automatically save your progress in the latest level. If you do not want to spend a lot of money downloading and installing other add-ons, you can try to browse the web for other interesting programs that allow you to play the Yandere Simulator in high quality. There are also several free emulators available for your browsing pleasure.

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