VMware Fusion 13 For MAC M1 & M2 DMG Download

VMware Fusion 13

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July 7th, 2023


July 7th, 2023




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VMware Fusion 13 For MAC M1 & M2 DMG Download

We have shared the trial version of VMware Fusion 13 here and free download links are available for download. Basically, VMware fusion 13 is the latest version of VMware’s virtualization software that is supporting M1 & M2 chips. You can also install it on other models. It offers new features like a virtual Trusted Platform Module to secure your Windows VMs and hardware acceleration for 3D graphics in Windows games and design software on Apple Silicon processors. It also includes support for the ARM-based edition of Windows 11 on Mac and built-in emulation to run legacy Win32 and x64 programs.

Run Windows

After Apple shifted to its own custom Arm processors, many Mac users found themselves wanting to run legacy Windows software. Now, VMware Fusion 13 can make that possible, though there are some limitations. The most obvious is that the M1/M2 edition only supports running a limited set of Windows operating systems, which can be installed in a new VM and then activated using a product key. The VM will also have to be restarted to install important system files, and the UI isn’t quite as responsive as on an Intel Mac.

When you create a new VM, you’re asked whether you want to use the Easy Install feature, which takes care of most of the steps involved in installing a guest operating system. This requires some interaction, as you need to enter a user name and password and the Windows product key, but it’s much faster than manual installation. You’ll also be prompted to give the VM full disk access, which is optional but recommended.

Run Linux

For years VMware Fusion and Parallels Desktop fought it out as the best macOS virtualization software for Mac users. They both produced annual updates that offered performance improvements and new features.

Fusion 13 is the latest update to VMware’s software hypervisor. It allows Intel or Apple silicon Macs to operate virtual machines that run non-macOS operating systems like Windows 11.

There are a lot of benefits to running Windows on a Mac, from being able to use legacy software to playing games or using 3D design applications. It also has a viewing mode called Unity that hides the Windows desktop and lets you run individual Windows apps on your Mac screen alongside macOS apps. The one downside to Fusion is that it doesn’t include hardware-accelerated 3D graphics for Windows on Apple silicon processors. But that shouldn’t be a problem for most home users who need to run lightweight one-off applications.

Run Containers

VMware Fusion 13 For Mac now supports running containers on a Mac. This enables you to use the full power of the Mac’s processor, GPU and storage in a secure, isolated environment.

On Intel Macs, you can run Windows 11 in a virtual machine, along with a variety of Linux distributions. Fusion offers support for the Arm architecture variant of Windows on Apple Silicon Macs, as well — with more features on the way.

Fusion provides hardware acceleration for 3D graphics in Windows games and software that uses DirectX or OpenGL. This is available on both Intel and Apple silicon Macs with the latest version of VMware Fusion.

The VMware Fusion 13 installation wizard asks you to select a location for the VM files. You can also select an option to configure virtual hardware before clicking Finish. Note: VMware Fusion includes a personal use license for Microsoft Windows. You can purchase additional licenses through the VMware Online Store.

Run Kubernetes

VMware Fusion enables you to run Windows and hundreds of other operating systems side by side with macOS on the same hardware, without rebooting. It’s simple enough for home users and powerful enough for IT professionals, developers and businesses.

Enjoy a seamless experience with native macOS system extensions and support for drag-and-drop, shared folders and other macOS features on the Windows desktop. Securely connect to vSphere and ESXi servers, then transfer virtual machines between the two for maximum productivity.

VMware Fusion also supports a wide range of Linux distributions and offers the industry’s best DirectX 11 graphics performance for games and design applications. It’s also the only solution that provides eGPU hardware acceleration for Linux on Arm VMs.

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