Vmix Live Stream App For Windows 7 & 10 Download Free


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July 21st, 2022


July 21st, 2022




Vmix Live Stream App For Windows 7 & 10 Download Free

If you are planning to broadcast your videos on the internet, you should consider using a video mixing and streaming application like vMix. This software was designed for the Windows operating system and is developed by StudioCoast PTY LTD.

It features a powerful vMix mixer, which lets you switch inputs, mix audio, and record outputs. You can also use vMix to live to stream your videos with resolutions as high as 4K.

How It Works

This software allows you to create on-demand and live broadcasts. The software is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X and allows you to edit video content, as well as record and broadcast your content.

To get started, you can watch some basic tutorials. However, if you’re not comfortable with video editing, you may want to try the free trial.

Wirecast supports a variety of media inputs, including web cameras, professional HDMI cameras, capture cards, and the local network. It also supports multiple outputs such as audio and video monitors and supports multicasting over the LAN.

Another cool feature of Wirecast is that it lets you integrate social media. Besides, this software allows remote viewers to join your live broadcast. It is suitable for both professional and casual live streaming. However, it’s not a suitable choice for high-quality 1080p and 60 fps workflows.

Video Mixer

vMix is a powerful software application that supports multiple video formats and features built-in transition effects. It also supports webcams and capture cards, as well as NDI, new high-speed audio, and video standard that allows for low latency transmission.

NDI allows for external programs to be connected to the software and can be used to mix multiple audio sources simultaneously. vMix is compatible with most popular video and audio formats, including MP4, AVI, and WMV.

vMix has an extensive list of features, including support for 4K and HD resolutions. It also includes a Multi-View option for controlling multiple cameras. It also supports Chroma Key, built-in Chrome green/blue sets, and live conferencing for up to eight participants.



There are several other live streaming apps that we have mentioned below. You can choose from five different pricing plans, depending on your needs and budget. In addition to being affordable, vMix allows you to stream video to up to three different platforms simultaneously, allowing you to reach a wider audience.



XSplit Broadcaster was developed as a screen capture program in 2009 but has since evolved into a digital video mixer suitable for live streaming and recording.

It allows users to switch between different sources, such as a webcam, and can also broadcast to multiple destinations at once. However, the free version limits the number of scenes that a broadcast can contain and also has a watermark.

XSplit Broadcaster simplifies the art of streaming while providing flexibility. It manages all encoding needs, giving you full control over the settings. You can even customize NVIDIA NVENC options for smoother streaming.

XSplit also offers an intuitive editing environment. XSplit Broadcaster offers a free version for beginners. It comes with limited functionality, but you can upgrade to a premium version for $2.50 per month to gain access to additional features.


While most video broadcasting software has similar basic functionality, Streamlabs goes beyond this. The video broadcasting software allows you to customize your stream, automate more aspects of your broadcast, and dive deeper into analytics.

It also lets you stream to multiple platforms and manage different software elements without opening a web browser. You can choose from a variety of layouts, including ones for various genres.

Streamlabs’ own app store allows you to download and install applications that will help you make your video broadcasting experience even better.

Streamlabs’ software is free to use, although there are a few premium features available for a fee. For example, you can add a logo to your stream and enable instant replay, as well as add an intro to your video.

You can also integrate an alert box, use built-in widgets, and connect your online wallet. Streamlabs’ dashboard will give you a breakdown of your streaming statistics every month and you can even add a Cloudbot to moderate your chats!

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