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July 2nd, 2022


July 2nd, 2022





TrueConf Client App For Windows Download Free

The Latest Update to TrueConf For Windows

The latest update to the TrueConf for Windows app offers a number of new features, including video conferencing and team messaging. Other improvements include improved performance and usability. To learn more about the latest update, read on!

This article will cover some of the most important new features of TrueConf for Windows. We will also cover some of the most commonly asked questions. So, get ready to start taking advantage of the latest TrueConf features.

Improved performance of TrueConf for Windows

The team messaging and video collaboration app TrueConf for Windows has received an update. The new version of TrueConf includes updated tool icons and brighter grouping, as well as new features, including user avatars.

With this upgrade, users can now take their own photos and install them as their avatars. They will no longer have to worry about being muted or missing important information because they can now see the name of the other participants without pausing the call.

This update also includes improved voice and video quality. The new TrueConf for Windows app synchronizes with the TrueConf Server Control Panel to apply the server’s VCS restrictions. It also includes HTTPS Proxy support for connecting to servers through system settings.

TrueConf 7.0 for Windows is now available for download. It includes new features such as voice activity detection and page-by-page display of video windows. The new version also includes a fresh login page, QR codes, and new application skins.

New AI capabilities

In this release, the company has improved the user experience for TrueConf for Windows with new features such as built-in AI technology. For example, with this new version, you can recognize people in the room and build the composition of the video so that only meeting participants remain in the frame.

The AI will also intelligently split the frame into two parts to follow the participants in the video conferencing. It will also smoothly follow the participants no matter what camera type they use.

In addition to this, TrueConf for Windows now supports WebRTC. It supports the Slide Show tool for WebRTC conferences. Users can now see the user names of other participants in the video window.

In addition, this release also supports overlapping video windows. TrueConf for Windows supports the ANGLE technology from Google, which provides better performance and quality for video window rendering. In addition, it supports a wider variety of video formats.

Support for the business world

Today, the business world is increasingly adopting “bring your own device” (BYOD) policies to improve employee mobility and productivity.

These policies enable employees to access their work-related documents and working papers from their personal devices while still remaining connected to the corporate network.

But despite the benefits, BYOD can come with a number of challenges for IT departments. TrueConf helps bridge these challenges with its BYOD solution for Windows.

The new release includes a number of features that are important to business users. The most notable enhancement is TrueConf’s resiliency against BYOD. The company’s team took into account the time that previous license buyers did not use before calculating the price of the new version.

Furthermore, this new release is compatible with the Astra Linux family of operating systems, eliminating any risk of data leakage or unauthorized access.

Additionally, TrueConf’s compatibility with Astra Linux means that customers can use domestic solutions within the same internal loop. The company also prioritizes TrueConf’s server updates, going in parallel to the main product.

SIP/H.323 protocol

For those that use the SIP/H.323 protocol for phone calls, TrueConf For Windows supports SIP/H.323 devices. To use this technology, you must have an IPv4 address or DNS name of a SIP device that can field the call.

You can create an account on the TrueConf server to use as a SIP/H.323 gateway. You can find this address in the control panel of the TrueConf application.

With this software, you can easily connect any device to your enterprise VCS. With TrueConf, you can manage active participants and set up general and individual layouts for each user.

In addition, you can manage active conference participants remotely. This software also supports streaming conferences and UDP Multicast Conferences. To improve your conferencing experience, you can also use TrueConf Server 4.3.

Configuring access to TrueConf Server

To configure access to TrueConf Server for Windows, navigate to the “Network” tab of the control panel. Then, click on the “Add” button to add the TrueConf Server to the admin’s group.

In this dialog box, select the “Listen on all IP addresses” option. This will compile a list of IP addresses that are available from the server.

To configure access to TrueConf Server for Windows, follow the steps below. You can add up to five documents to the server. When you want to use the document on public web pages, check the “Display link” box. Note that you cannot delete the default documents.

To hide them, uncheck the box. Alternatively, you can add multiple documents for each computer. Then, configure the permissions for the document to be accessed by the users.

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