Tracker Latest Setup Offline Installer For Windows Download Free


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April 11th, 2020


April 11th, 2020





Tracker Latest Setup Offline Installer For Windows Download Free

You are about to download the latest setup of the Tracker app. Basically it is a free video analysis and modeling tool built on the Open Source Physics (OSP) Java framework. It is designed to be used in physics education. Tracker video modeling is a powerful way to combine videos with computer modeling. The tracker includes a Java JRE runtime and Xuggle video engine. To install Tracker, download and run the appropriate installer using the links at the top of the page. The tracker includes a JRE runtime and Xuggle video engine. For help see Installer Help.

Supported languages: english, arabic, czech, danish, german, greek, spanish, finnish, french, hungarian, indonesian, italian, hebrew, korean, malaysian, dutch, polish, portuguese, slovak, slovenian, swedish, thai, turkish, vietnamese, simplified chinese, traditional chinese. Interested in translating to another language? Please contact Doug Brown.

If you’re new to Tracker, see Help Getting Started for a step-by-step beginner’s guide or Getting Started with Tracker for a video tutorial. For general help, use and search the built-in help files in Tracker, the online help in English or Slovenščina, or the downloadable pdf help files in English, Español, Ελληνικά, Italiano or Portuguese.

It has a lot of features which we have listed here.

  1. Fixed or time-varying coordinate system scale, origin and tilt.
  2. Multiple calibration options: tape, stick, calibration points and/or offset origin.
  3. Switch easily to the center of mass and other reference frames.
  4. Data include units (SI metric units by default, settable length and mass units).
  5. Protractors and tape measures provide easy distance and angle measurements.
  6. Circle fitter tool fits circles to 3 or more points, steps or tracks.
  7. Define custom variables for plotting and analysis.
  8. Add editable text columns for comments or manually entered data.
  9. The data analysis tool includes powerful automatic and manual curve fitting.
  10. Export formatted or raw data to a delimited text file or the clipboard.
  11. Display measured values using custom number formats if desired.

Now download the latest setup from providing links on this menu.

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