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March 4th, 2023


March 4th, 2023




TaskbarX For Windows 10 Download Free

If you wish to install a new Taskbar on your Windows, then you have arrived at the right place. By managing this page you can download the taskbar the horizontal black bar at the bottom of your Windows 10 desktop that contains icons of programs and apps you use often. A single click or tap on one of these icons launches the program or app without you having to use a separate shortcut.

There are several ways to add shortcuts to your taskbar. These include using a desktop application, creating a shortcut within File Explorer, or dragging a file or folder onto your taskbar.

How To Pin

Whether you’re a long-time Windows user or are just starting out, you’ll likely want to be able to pin certain applications and files to your taskbar. These will allow you to quickly access these programs and files, even when they aren’t in focus.

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You can also pin shortcuts to specific windows, such as those in your Start menu or within the Cortana search box. This can be helpful if you frequently switch between certain windows or if you have multiple screens and need to access them separately.

Create a Shortcut to Add a Web Site To Your Taskbar

If you’re a Microsoft Edge user, you can create a website shortcut directly from the browser’s toolbar. This will make it easy to open the website and then pin it to your taskbar, assuming you’re on the same screen as Edge.

To create a shortcut, open Edge and select More tools > Pin to taskbar. Enter the URL of the website you’re adding to your taskbar into this window. Be sure to include the word “explorer” (no quotes) in front of the URL and a single space between, then assign a name and click or tap Finish.

Change the Show Number of Items in Jump Lists

In earlier versions of Windows, you could easily alter the number of items displayed in a jump list. This was a quick way to increase or decrease the number of recent items shown on the taskbar, which can be handy when you’re trying to find a particular app quickly.

If your taskbar is displaying incorrect colors or looks like it’s been defaced, there are a few things you can do to fix this problem. First, you should ensure that your drivers are up to date. This can help you avoid a variety of issues, from broken displays to a frozen taskbar that’s difficult to work with.


Comes With Several Theme Colors

Second, you should consider changing the appearance of your taskbar so that it matches your theme. This will make it easier to find your apps and shortcuts, as well as add a few more personal touches to your desktop.

Third, you should consider using Group Policy to centralize your controls over different settings in Windows. This will save you a lot of time and frustration.

Another option is to turn off the Cortana Search button on your taskbar. This can help reduce clutter by hiding the search icon and saving space.

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