Prey For Windows 7 & 10 64-Bit Download Free


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June 4th, 2022


June 4th, 2022





Prey For Windows 7 & 10 64-Bit Download Free

Prey For Windows Download

If your laptop is stolen, you might need to use a software program called Prey to track the location of the thief and take a picture of the person taking it.

Prey can also show the name of the person logged in to the device as well as a screenshot of the desktop. Moreover, it can send a text message to the thief containing the name of the person who stole the laptop.

Prey is a theft protection software

If your laptop has been stolen, you may be wondering how you can get it back. The answer is Prey. This free app, which is open-source, has been proven to help people recover stolen hardware.

In fact, one popular tech author was able to retrieve his stolen MacBook Pro. Prey will notify you of the theft via e-mail or SMS, depending on your preferences. In addition to being free, Prey can be installed on up to three computers.

If your computer has been stolen, Prey will attempt to connect to Wifi and take a screenshot of your desktop. It will also capture a picture of the thief via the built-in webcam.

If the device is still on your property, you can send a message to the thief or activate a loud alarm. It can also lock your device with a password or delete sensitive data.

It tracks your device

The free software Prey is an open-source tracking solution that works in the background of your PC to monitor your mobile devices. It can send its geolocation to your predetermined email address, take screenshots, and share details about nearby Wi-Fi networks.

When a device is missing, Prey will send you an email containing all the information it has collected about that device. It can also lock your device and send a loud alarm when it is disconnected.

You can use the free version to track three devices. You can also purchase the Home or Business version to track unlimited devices. Prey also lets you check the hardware information of your tracked devices, send a text message to a missing device, and more.

But before you download the free version of Prey, keep in mind that it will not appear in your taskbar, Control Panel, or Settings. Therefore, it is very hard to remove it. Its uninstaller is located in C: WindowsPrey.

It lets you delete sensitive information

There are several ways to safely and permanently erase sensitive information on your PC, including using the prey for Windows app. Once you’ve installed the app on your PC, it leaves little trace. It runs silently in the background and is completely undetectable in your activity manager.

The application pairs with an online account that you can access through your regular browser. You can configure security settings and receive alerts if any sensitive information is stored on your computer.

You can remotely track and wipe a computer using Prey. This tool runs silently in the background and can be triggered from anywhere. You can even lock your device remotely and delete sensitive information.

The app supports nearly all operating systems, including Windows and Android. The app also lets you see the date and time when you last connected to the Internet. To get started with Prey, sign up for a free account.

It takes a picture of the thief

If you’ve ever had your laptop stolen, you probably want to be able to track it down in a few seconds. Prey For Windows can do just that, locating your stolen laptop through WiFi networks nearby and taking screenshots of your thief’s computer usage.

It also works with Mac OS X and Windows, securing all your emails and browser cookies, and wiping out any stored passwords. Prey is an open-source program that makes this process simple, fast, and effective.

Once you install Prey, you can take screenshots and pictures of the thief, lock your data, and record all of their activities.

Then, if the thief leaves the area where your laptop is located, Prey can send the thief a message with the person’s location. Whether you’re at home or in the office, this app is a great way to protect your laptop.

It offers a free trial

While Prey is available for Xbox One and PS4 as of today, PC users can download the game for free for an hour. The free trial offers the ability to continue the game’s progress and has all of the most recent patches.

This is a great way to experience the game before buying it. But, what happens when you get hooked? The game will snatch away your cash, and you’ll be unable to save it.

For a full feature demo, download Prey for Windows. You can use the free version for three devices, but you’ll have to pay if you want to use the more advanced features.

The app will even take a picture of the thief if it can be traced. And, if you lose your notebook, Prey will lock it until you enter the right password to get it back.

It’s available for Linux, Mac, and Android phones

The best way to track a lost or stolen phone is to install the free Prey tracking software. It installs a tiny agent on your PC or phone and silently waits for a signal sent from the internet or a text message.

It then uses that signal to gather information and trigger specific actions. Prey triangulates a device’s location with amazing accuracy. You can view the real-time map of your phone using Google Maps, as well as images from the front-facing camera.

Once installed, Prey runs quickly and is easy to use. This software is free and doesn’t have a trial period or crippled feature set. You can use it as many times as you want without having to buy a license.

If you decide you need more than three devices protected, you can purchase the premium version. There are two pricing plans: the free version is limited to three devices, while the premium version is available for up to five devices.

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