KiTTy Setup Offline Installer For PC/Windows Download Free


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April 19th, 2020


April 19th, 2020




KiTTy Setup Offline Installer For PC/Windows Download Free

You are about to download the latest setup of Kitty app absolutely free. Kitty is free software that lets you manage the online server. You can upload files directory to your online server by using links. It is a newer version of Putty and the telnet/SSH client. The app has numerous technical features including the ability to add automatic passwords, run automatic commands and you can run locally saved scripts on remote sessions, which is really useful.

We have shared old and new features of the tool below. You can read it before you will make a decision.

Old Features

  1. Sessions filter
  2. Portability
  3. Shortcuts for pre-defined command
  4. The session launcher
  5. Automatic login script
  6. URL hyperlinks

New Features

  1. Automatic password
  2. Automatic command
  3. Running on remote session a locally saved script
  4. ZModem integration

Now you can download it by managing the download section menu. If you have any issues or complaints about the app, you can share your thoughts via commenting.

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