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April 30th, 2022


April 30th, 2022





iSkysoft Android Data Eraser For Windows Download Free

How to Erase Your Android Phone With iSkysoft Android Data Eraser

There are many ways to erase your Android phone. The first step in this process is to select the security level and input the word “delete.” After that, you just have to tap on “Erase” and run a scan.

You can choose from Low, Medium, or High-security levels, depending on how much information you want to erase. Low level erases data quickly, while Medium overwrites the Android phone once, making files unrecoverable.


Using the iSkysoft Android Data Erasion program will help you keep your private data safe. Safewiper will remove everything from your phone, including messages, contacts, and browsing history.

It will also wipe your keyboard cache and phone numbers & call history. You’ll never have to worry about data breaches again. With its simple, three-step process, you can erase data on your Android phone and get complete peace of mind.

The application supports various Android smartphones and has three wiping modes: private, public, and military-grade. You can choose a wiping mode according to the type of data you’d like to delete, whether it’s images, videos, or music.

You can also choose to wipe the entire phone or select certain categories, such as social media data and chat history. After selecting a wiping mode, you can delete any data on your phone or tablet.


Security Level

When choosing a security level, it’s best to go for the middle level. This will ensure that the erasing process is completed quickly. The iSkysoft Android Data Eraser can erase data from the phone and its third-party apps, too.

While removing data from your phone, be sure to back up the phone before deleting it. This way, you’ll ensure that sensitive data will never get on the device again.

This Android data eraser has an ad-free interface. It has 4 secure wiping methods – file explorer, external SD card, and all corners of your phone.

It also has an in-app purchase feature – you can unlock more services with payment. With a modern interface, this application is easy to use and erases up to 10 MB of data a day.


iSkysoft Data Eraser Crack

There’s a crack version of the iSkysoft data eraser available on the internet. SafeWiper for Android supports more than 2,000 Android devices. This software runs quickly and completely, ensuring that your phone’s data will never be recoverable. It works across multiple file types including images, videos, and music.

It also features a preview of deleted files and media, so you can make sure that your phone is completely secure. The safe wiper is compatible with 2000 Android devices and is 100% risk-free.

Once you have selected the data you’d like to erase, you’ll need to choose the device for your erasing. For example, if you’re trying to sell your phone, you’ll want to delete everything before you do that.


You can wipe your phone

You can also wipe your phone if you want to recycle it or sell it. Regardless of your reason, deleting your personal data is important, so you’ll need to know which Android data eraser software will work best for you.

After selecting the data-wiping level you want to use, you’ll see your Android phone’s file types. Choose whether you want to erase your files quickly or make them unrecoverable. There are three wiping options – Low, Medium, and High.

To choose the right one for you, select the Security Level (Low), Medium, or High. Regardless of the choice, you’ll never worry about your privacy again.

iSkysoft Android Data Erashing is the perfect way to protect your privacy. It will remove any personal data from your Android device and keep your phone secure and safe from theft or unauthorized use.

The program works on all Android devices, including those made by Samsung. With three levels of security, SafeWiper makes erasing a device easy and safe. The app also supports previewing deleted files.

MobiKin Eraser

If you’re concerned about data theft, iSkysoft Android Data Eraser is a great tool to use. It erases files and caches on Android devices and protects your privacy.

According to a recent Harris Poll, nearly 60 million US citizens were victims of identity theft in 2018. Unfortunately, these types of data breaches happen more often than we might like.

The MobiKin Eraser for Android is a professional Android data eraser. With advanced data erasing algorithms, it enables you to erase all the information on your Android device without reinstalling it.

You can choose between erasing the entire phone’s hard drive or deleting individual files. Moreover, you can choose to erase your contacts and SMS or remove system configurations.

The iSkysoft Android Data Eraser MobiKin Eraser can permanently delete files on Android devices. Its certified deletion algorithms render data unrecoverable.

The iSkysoft Android Data Eraser is compatible with most Android devices. It can remove private data, including contact information, text messages, and images. With a little effort, you can easily erase the contents of your Android device.

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