Infection Monkey For Windows 10 & 7 64-Bit Download

Infection Monkey

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October 20th, 2022


October 20th, 2022





Infection Monkey For Windows 10 & 7 64-Bit Download

We have recently shared the latest setup of the Infection Monkey here and free download links are available for download. Ther are several positive reviews of Infection monkey. This review will cover the basics of Infection Monkey For Windows, a breach and attack simulation (BAS) tool. This tool enables you to simulate malware attacks, extract passwords and hashes, and generate actionable recommendations. This tool will protect your computer from malware attacks and other cyber threats.


Infection Monkey is a powerful cyber security tool that simulates attacks to assess security controls. It creates a realistic network map from the attacker’s point of view, and it can automatically detect security risks. The tool then performs a variety of tests to determine whether your network is vulnerable to attack. The program generates a detailed report with remediation recommendations.


It’s free and open-source, and it’s ideal for network security testing. It can run on Windows, Linux, Debian, and Docker. It simulates different types of attacks, from credential theft to compromised assets. It even simulates lateral movement.

The latest version of Infection Monkey aims to improve the user experience. It features an enhanced user interface and runs more stealthily. It also improves coverage rates. Guardicore, the developer of the tool, is committed to the highest quality standards.

It defends your PC with malware attacks

Infection Monkey is a powerful security tool that simulates malware attacks to detect vulnerabilities. Its advanced features include a visualization of your network from an attacker’s perspective. It also tests your network for various vulnerabilities and generates a comprehensive report of security threats. The report also includes remediation tips and recommendations. The Infection Monkey For Windows security tool can be used as a one-time or continuous testing solution.

Infection Monkey enables you to test your systems’ security against ransomware and other types of malware. It can simulate successful malware attacks and generate a detailed report based on its findings. The software also allows you to test your existing security tools and human teams. This way, you can identify weaknesses and strengthen your system’s defenses without actually exposing your organization to real risks.

It works on multiple systems on your network. Once installed, you can select the number of hosts you want to scan. You can also set a limit on how many machines the software can exploit. Once you have reached a specified limit, you can disable the scanning of these machines.

It extracts passwords and hashes

The Infection Monkey software extracts passwords and hashes from Windows systems using a custom version of the Mimikatz program. This program is able to extract plain text passwords, password hashes, PIN codes, kerberos tickets, and much more. This software spreads these passwords securely and also scrapes all SSH key pairs to brute force logins. This program also makes use of the Hadoop framework to control distributed systems and perform tasks remotely.

Infection Monkey has the ability to scan multiple machines at once. The user can also add blocked IP addresses. The tool also limits the number of machines that it can scan and exploit. Users can configure how many computers it can scan and exploit per scan. The default setting is to scan the local subnet. The user can disable this setting if they wish.

Infection Monkey has been developed by Guardicore Labs and has been used by hundreds of IT teams worldwide. The latest version includes new features that make it easier to identify and defend against attacks on modern data centers. It can also detect attacks such as the ElasticGroovy attack, which is designed to take advantage of the Windows operating system.

It gives you actionable recommendations

Infection Monkey is a vulnerability analysis tool that gives you actionable recommendations based on hard data. The tool simulates phishing and malware attacks and gives you a detailed report on the results. It is ideal for security teams and developers who want to know what their vulnerabilities are and where they can strengthen them. The software uses MITRE’s ATT&CK knowledge base to classify and prioritize attacks, allowing them to determine what to do to improve their network’s security.

The security posture of your network is evaluated in 3 easy steps with Infection Monkey. It simulates an attacker’s movement within the network, highlighting vulnerabilities and successful attacks. The application also identifies and reports the impact of known vulnerabilities such as the SambaCry vulnerability and Elasticsearch vulnerability. The tool will also recommend remediation measures to address these weaknesses.

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