IGI 2: Covert Strike For Windows 7/10/11 64-Bit Download

IGI 2: Covert Strike

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July 25th, 2023


July 25th, 2023





IGI 2: Covert Strike For Windows 7/10/11 64-Bit Download

Here is the latest setup of IGI 2 covert strike available for download. The setup can support for Windows 32 & 64-bit. After a slew of shooters that have hit store shelves with all manner of special effects and high-tech weaponry, IGI 2: Covert Strike for Windows takes a more realistic approach to behind enemy lines action.

The game draws inspiration from the actual Gulf War experience of ex-SAS soldier and hero Chris Ryan. Chris Ryan was part of a team that was dropped into the depths of Iraq to carry out a number of covert missions. His experiences are then melded into the fictional world of IGI, where the player assumes the role of covert assassin David Jones.


IGI 2: Covert Strike is a first-person shooter video game developed by Innerloop Studios and published by Codemasters. It is the sequel to Project IGI (I’m Going In) and was released in 2003 for Microsoft Windows and later for other platforms like Xbox.

In IGI 2: Covert Strike, players take on the role of David Jones, a former SAS (Special Air Service) soldier, as he carries out various covert missions around the world to stop international terrorists and prevent them from unleashing destructive attacks.

The game features a single-player campaign with a series of challenging and stealth-based missions, requiring players to be tactical, utilize various weapons, and plan their approach to complete objectives without raising too much alarm or alerting enemies.


  1. Diverse Missions: The game offers a variety of missions set in different environments, such as military bases, secret facilities, and outdoor locations.
  2. Stealth Gameplay: Players are encouraged to use stealth to their advantage, avoiding enemy detection, sneaking past guards, and silently taking down foes.
  3. Wide Arsenal: A selection of weapons and gadgets are available to the player, including pistols, assault rifles, sniper rifles, and other special tools to aid in infiltration.
  4. Multiplayer Mode: IGI 2 also includes a multiplayer mode, allowing players to compete against each other in various game types.

IGI 2: Covert Strike received mixed reviews upon release, with some praising its challenging gameplay and level design, while others criticized its AI and technical issues. Despite this, it gained a decent following and remains a notable title in the history of first-person shooter games.

Please note that any potential updates or sequels to the game beyond my knowledge cutoff in September 2021 are not included in this response.

The plot in IGI 2 isn’t as engrossing as the story in Project IGI, which featured some really cool ideas but was held back by some sloppy AI and a rather monotonous level design. Innerloop have learned their lessons and have opted for a much more focused approach with the sequel. The plot is rudimentary, but is a welcome addition to the gameplay; it never gets in the way of executing your ‘go here; find this’ objectives.


Enemy AI is another area where IGI 2 has made some significant improvements on its predecessor. The twitchy mooks will react to sight and sound, making them a real threat and helping to keep the game challenging. They also vary their tactics and methods of hunting the player down; for example some will try to snipe from long distances, while others may patrol areas in groups or work together to take you out.

David is armed with a range of useful tools to help him on his mission. The first is the GPS map that returns from its predecessor; this will show the location of a particular objective, as well as the route you need to take to get there. Another handy tool is the binoculars, which can be used to keep tabs on the surroundings while avoiding detection.

High-Quality Graphics

Graphics are also a strong point of IGI 2, with close-up models looking reasonably good. However, when the camera is zoomed out a little some of the textures start to look low-res and jerky. Thankfully the game runs fairly smoothly and doesn’t consume too many resources, so it shouldn’t interfere with other applications that you have running on your PC.

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