Gajim For Windows 64-Bit Download Free


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May 15th, 2022


May 15th, 2022





Gajim For Windows 64-Bit Download Free

Gajim For Windows Download

If you are looking for a free and open-source instant messaging client for your PC, you’ve come to the right place. Gajim is an open-source application that supports the XMPP protocol. It offers picture and video messaging, as well as a variety of plugins. Downloading this app is easy, and it’s one of the best ones out there! Continue reading to learn more about this program!

Free and open-source

Gajim is a free and open-source instant messaging client for Windows that provides an attractive and functional UI. It uses the PyGTK GUI library foundations for its highly functional UI.

In addition to its simple interface, Gajim supports emoticons, bookmarks, avatars, dictionary support, and search engine lookup. Gajim dispenses messaging over customized servers. You can log in with multiple accounts and customize your availability status for each contact.

Compared to the other IM clients, Gajim is cross-platform, allowing it to run on different platforms. It is available as a standalone installer or portable software that runs from a Flash drive.



Its features are similar to other IM clients. It offers various customization options and organizes the chat with different colors. The recipient’s name is displayed alongside the chat window. It also supports file sharing and multi-user accounts.

It uses the XMPP protocol

Gajim for Windows is a messaging client that uses the XMPP protocol. Unlike other client software, Gajim allows you to create multiple accounts.

The user interface acts like an RTF editor, letting you select specific messages and copy-paste them wherever you wish. The program also supports file sharing and export/import functions. Gajim supports many XMPP servers and comes with a number of nice features.

When you first launch Gajim, you should see a menu on the top-right of your screen. Choose the Actions menu. Click Start chat. Then enter the XMPP ID of your friend.

Once the XMPP ID is displayed, select View -> Show offline contacts. Your friend should appear in this list. Once you have chosen to add the contact, you can choose to allow them to see your status by ticking the subscription option.

It offers video and picture messaging

The Gajim For Windows app allows users to send text messages and share pictures and videos. It works by connecting to the XMPP server. Users don’t need a phone number or email address to sign up.

To start, open the Gajim for Windows app and choose “Settings.” Navigate to the Personal Information tab. Here, you can enter your username and password. Once you’ve added these details, you can choose to send and receive videos and pictures.

You can also chat with friends and contacts via Gajim. You simply need to enter your name and the recipient’s XMPP id. You’ll then get a notification on your desktop. Gajim also offers a customizable avatar and availability status, which is visible to any contact that you’ve saved their profile.

Gajim also offers file sharing and chat history management. There’s no need to keep a separate account for each person you chat with – you can use the same account to send and receive pictures, videos, and messages with everyone.

It supports a variety of plugins

The Gajim For Windows client for XMPP is an open-source, free XMPP software. Besides supporting the Jabber protocol, Gajim also includes features such as anti-spam, emoticons, themes, location setting, and quick replies.

It also supports a range of plugins for added functionality. Gajim For Windows also supports a variety of plugins, including anti-spam and image previews.

The Gajim For Windows app has a long history, and the application is still growing in popularity. It supports a wide range of plugins, including the IM plugin for Skype.

Gajim For Windows also offers a portable version and has a number of features. For more information, read my Gajim review. It will give you an overview of the program’s features and benefits.

It is easy to install

If you’re looking for a simple messaging app for Windows, consider Gajim For Windows Download. This compact and innovative tool supports multiple communication protocols, including gadu-gadu, XMPP, Twitter, Facebook, and Skype.

You can have audio and video conversations, send files and manage your profiles with ease. Installation is quick and easy, with a wizard in the main window.

To install Gajim For Windows Download, follow the instructions below. If you’ve already installed Gajim, go ahead and install the 64-bit version on another computer. Then, just uninstall it.

Alternatively, you can uninstall it from your Windows operating system by going to Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs and following the instructions. It’s that simple! This application will be available on your computer in just a matter of minutes.

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