Exact Audio CopyFlac Offline Setup For Windows Download Free

Exact Audio Copy

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June 5th, 2021


June 5th, 2021



Exact Audio CopyFlac Offline Setup For Windows Download Free

About Exact Audio CopyFlac

In this post, we have shared the full offline installer setup of exact audio copflac and free download links are available for download. Basically, it conveniently runs on Windows and on newer versions of 64-bit Linux with Wine installed, which is a software compatibility layer that lets users run Windows-based programs on Unix-like operating systems.

It also lets you handle CD imperfections with ease and is the ideal CD grabber for an audiophile. Many options are available, e.g. for editing compression command lines, giving the user control over the quality of music that’s ripped. It corrects audio imperfections for individual songs, ideal for CDs that are scratched or dinged.

Supporting OS

It can support almost all OS like Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista & Windows 10. Although there are several other audio grabbers usually only extract in Burst mode and not much else, so users typically have to listen to each song to ensure the quality is okay, but not with Exact Audio Copy. This program uses several technologies to help ensure CDs are ripped accurately and that maintaining optimal sound quality.


What’s New

By using the new version of Exact Audio Copyflac you can easily take a backup of audio CDs in one’s collection is a task which may mean making 1:1 copies of the disc, or simply extracting the music tracks and storing them in digital format in folders or archives of your choosing.


  1. If you want to simply transfer some of the music discs in digital format for use with a portable player, you have a choice between MP3 and WMA formats.
  2. These are compressed formats, with marginal quality loss, as opposed to the uncompressed extraction which preserves the original sound integrally.
  3. Several small problems with secondary encoder- Fixed problems with the Musicbrainz plugin- Several smaller bugs removed (e.g. replacing spaces by underscores, etc
  4. Free available for download
  5. Supporting all OS
  6. Comes with a friendly interface

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