EA Sports Cricket 2005 Offline Installer Download Free For Windows
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August 6th, 2021


April 19th, 2022



EA Sports Cricket 2005 Offline Installer Download Free For Windows

About Ea Cricket 2005

EA Sports has recently released a new version of its popular cricket game EA Sports Cricket 2005. This version has been designed to run on Windows Vista. If you have not played this game before, then you should check it out and see how it compares to its predecessors, EA Sports Cricket Classic and EA Sports Cricket 2021. The basic features remain the same in both versions of the game.

Cricket is one of the most popular sports across the world and fans of the game enjoy showing their support for their team by following them all over the world. To show their support, they need to download a cricket video game from the Internet and this is where the popularity of cricket videos increases.

With the growing popularity of cricket, cricketing sites are coming up all over the Internet that offers these games to their visitors. EA Sports have now joined the race and has developed two excellent cricket games – EA Sports Cricket and EA Sports Superstars.


EA Cricket 2005 Full Version

EA Sports has spent years making sure that the features offered in their cricket games are as authentic as possible. It has made every cricket game look and feels like the real thing. The user interface, menu options, stats, runs, wickets taken, highest run rate, the highest number of wickets fallen, the highest number of centuries, and other such features are all authentic.

It is no wonder that cricket fans and players from all over the world love to download these games to enjoy the benefits of this quality entertainment. There are many different features available when downloading these games from EA Sports. You can choose between regular matches and tournament games.



With regular cricket games, you can select your own cricketing nation and then choose from a wide variety of playing conditions including the number of players allowed, pitch and conditions, etc. Tournament formats include public or private tournaments which are very exciting for fans.

Some of these features include tournaments like the England v Pakistan one, The West Indies v Australia one, India v England and so on. These are designed to be played on PC. For PC users there are some nice features like a video chat facility where players can communicate with each other while playing. Also, there is chat support where you can chat with your friends even while playing!

As already discussed, cricket download offers many benefits. For fans of cricket, it is a way of attaining the match they crave whenever they can. The live-action has always been an integral part of any match and no cricket game can ever be termed as incomplete without it. You can watch the players and the match replays whenever you want. You can even listen to the commentary over the radio if you are not too busy with the action on the field!


What’s New

Cricket is one of the most popular games and is loved by all. It attracts people of all ages. EA Sports have worked hard keeping this fact in mind and that is why their cricket download service has a variety of options available. Not only this, but they also provide numerous accessories to go with your downloads! Some of these accessories include cricket balls and wickets, creasers, stumps, helmet pads, bats, cricket bags, arm guards, helmet mounts, stumps covers, tea breaks, score cardholders, and lots more.

In case you are wondering where you can get the cricket games and use their accessories then here is the answer. All you have to do is go to the website of EA Sports. There you will find everything you need to know about cricket. From the latest cricket news and updates to all the latest cricket equipment and, you will get it all here. So, go ahead and enjoy live action on the internet or on your PC. Enjoy!

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