Cricket Revolution PC Game Offline Setup Download Free
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May 1st, 2021


May 1st, 2021



Cricket Revolution PC Game Offline Setup Download Free

About Cricket Revolution

Basically, Cricket Revolution is a free and well-liked sports multiplayer video game developed by Mindstorm Studios, based on the sport of cricket. The game focuses on an online community system serving detailed cricket stats for gamers through internet play in addition to a LAN-based and offline component.


Cricket Revolution has very interesting gameplay. It focuses on statistics-based online multiplayer where you can challenge your friends and beat them. You can play the game through LAN or over the internet. Its offline gameplay is so smooth. You will face a few bit of problems during playing the game online if you have a poor internet connection.


The game always gives you full control player access to various competitions and community events. There are player chat rooms available too. There is also an offline component available. All player data, statistics, match-winning innings, and data are tracked and stored. There are various ranking systems and leaderboards that keep records of the tracked data.

You can manage different gameplay modes. There are leaderboards for batting, hattricks, matches won, top match performance, game-winning innings, and more. There are so many achievements and awards to compete for. You can compete against your friends and other people from all over the world through in-game competitions. There is also a spectator mode that allows you to spectate matches.

Cricket Revolution Size

The game has a maximum size so you will need to connect your PC with a good internet connection if you are going to download the game. The developers are presenting you with the world’s best and very popular sports game which is specially designed for every cricket lover. This is an exciting and very challenging game on its own where cricket lover can experience a revolutionary game which includes batting, bowling, and fielding.

If you are going to play a single-player match it’s so easy to play. Because the game can be played as a single-player and multiplayer a single-player can enjoy this game with system users. Where multi-player can organize tournament, matches, and much more by an opponent as his friend. It is easy to play with a simple interface and easy to download. The player can experience a powerful bowling attack as well he can do baling while the other do batting.

In this game, the player can see different expressions on the faces of characters and different voices of each character which makes the game more enjoyable. The graphics and visuals of this game are really impressive. All in all this game is very interesting and you should give it a try.


  1. Free available for download
  2. Can manage different game modes like Single-player, 2 player, tournaments & knockout games.
  3. Supporting all over Windows OS
  4. Can easily update
  5. Comes with HD graphics

What’s New

The developers have added more interesting features to the last update. In cricket, the revolution the statistics tracking is really interesting. If you are getting big scores including fifty or century, and wicket taken is tracked and analyzed. You can compare your performances and see areas that you need to improve on. You can go back to old matches to check scores and stats.

You will always feel real feelings if you are playing the Cricket revolution game. Though Cricket Revolution focuses on online multiplayer, the offline single player is good enough. You can play offline exhibition matches, tournaments, and leagues. The matches can be played under different match settings. There are ten international teams and 114 non-international teams. The game’s AI is developed and it learns from your moves in each match. There is also a practice mode where you can finesse your bowling and batting.

Cricket Revolution features realistic gameplay with over 30 batting shots available. The type of shot taken depends on the keyboard combination used. The batting shot also depends on the ability, state, and level of the batsman. There is a bowling gadget in the game that takes your bowling gameplay to the next level. The controls for the bowling gadget are easy and you focus on tricking your opponent rather than fiddling with controls. You can control the swing, seam movement, turn, and speed of your bowling.

System Requirements

It required low features system. It seems you can install it on a normal CPU that has low RAM and a small hard drive. It required 256 MB RAM, and 4GB hard drive space. You can install it on Windows XP, Vista, 8, 8.1, and 10.

New Features:

  1. Imposing sports simulation game.
  2. Win awards and prizes.
  3. Easy to play with a simple interface.
  4. Stunning HD graphics and visuals effects.
  5. Single and multiplayer game.
  6. Fully customizable game.
  7. The player can organize challenging competitions.

Download Menu

You can download the game by managing the download section menu. If download links are not working or you have any issues with the game, please share it here. We will fix the issue and contact you soon.

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