Bluetooth Driver For Windows 7/8 & 10 Download Free For Windows

Bluetooth Driver Installer

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August 16th, 2021


August 16th, 2021




Bluetooth Driver For Windows 7/8 & 10 Download Free For Windows

About Bluetooth Driver

We have shared the latest setup of the Bluetooth Driver Installer installer on this page. Basically, it is a free driver tool specially developed to install Bluetooth drivers and fix issues with Bluetooth on your PC. It allows you to install a generic Microsoft driver onto your adapter.


Supporting OS

It can support Windows XP, 7, 8, Vista, and Windows 10. By doing so, you may transfer files between your devices using a Bluetooth connection. This program is based on a method of patching files, so it works seamlessly and without errors on most USB and built-in adapters.

If you are using a Bluetooth driver installer it will automatically install Bluetooth missing drivers on your PC. And you can easily connect your PC with several Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth driver installer has several advantages which we have listed below. You can read it by managing a few seconds.



  1. Free available for download
  2. Comes with fast driver installer process
  3. Automatically fix missing driver issues
  4. Takes a little bit of time to download
  5. Can support all over OS
  6. Works at slow internet connection
  7. Connecting your PC with official servers during installation

Similarly, the latest version of Driver Installer will recognize all Bluetooth devices within a broader range than your phone or computer would by default. Bluetooth driver installer always allowing you to connect and share files with a single click of a button. You will need to update your app regularly for the best performance.


Download Driver

The downside to this sharing is that your device becomes discoverable, too. Luckily, Bluetooth Driver Installer makes it possible to prevent this by changing your network settings with minimal interference with the functions of your device. Now you can get the latest setup by managing the download links above.

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