Apache NetBeans 19 (8.2) For Windows 7 & 10 Download Free

Apache NetBeans

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September 12th, 2023


September 12th, 2023





Apache NetBeans 19 (8.2) For Windows 7 & 10 Download Free

You can get the latest setup of Apache NetBeans from this menu absolutely free. Nowadays, Apache Netbeans is an integrated development software that can support a comprehensive set of tools to help developers create applications in Java, PHP, and or HTML.


What’s New

In the latest update, the developers have added brilliant features. By updating the app you can normally use it code editor of applications in Java, Web, and HTML5. And, the users will need to use Apache Maven and Apache Gradle for building, testing, and deployment. The app is specially used to write code in any programming supported by Java, including JavaScript, Groovy, and C/C++ in any language.

Similarly, to the use of IDE features, NetBeans provides tools for debugging Web and mobile applications. It includes a graphical debugger that supports breakpoints, step over, step into, run to cursor, and run/debug modes.

By using its debugger, developers can test and edit their code to how it runs in the browser and adjust variables. Users can easily create and debug HTML files.

Plugin Support

NetBeans can be extended with plugins that add new functionality to the IDE. This can include adding support for additional programming languages or improving existing features. For example, a plugin can add support for a new database or provide improved search and navigation capabilities. Another popular plugin extends the IDE’s Options window to add custom panels and settings.

The plugins can be added to the IDE through the Update Manager or downloaded individually from the official website. For security, they can be verified for authenticity by matching the PGP signatures or hashes with those listed in the KEYS file. They can also be installed as self-contained snap packages on Linux.

Aside from the new UI, there are a number of other changes in NetBeans. The old categories of “Java” and “Apache Ant” have been replaced with a single category labeled “Java”. This change makes it easier for developers to find the features they need. It also discourages the creation of duplicate entries in the IDE.


Default installation

For instance, the IDE’s default installation no longer includes the Sun JDK. This is because Oracle is no longer providing the patched JDK that was provided with previous versions of NetBeans. Users will now have to download and install the patched JDK or opt for a JDK that is not bundled with NetBeans.

In addition to the changes in the UI, NetBeans has updated its core libraries. For example, the IDE now has support for Angular and ASP.NET MVC. The IDE also now supports the use of JavaFX in Web projects and offers improved refactoring support for the DOM.

Its graphical editor is now fully responsive, which makes it easier for developers to work with large projects. The users can use it to develop mobile apps with the help of its new Mobile Feature Pack.

It can also be integrated with JavaScript and CSS for enhanced mobile app development. It also supports the latest versions of HTML and JavaScript. Nowadays, the IDE feature also has built-in modules and OSGi bundles, which makes it easy for programmers to build their own customized IDE.

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