Agisoft Metashape For Windows 7 & 10 64-Bit Download

Agisoft Metashape

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January 2nd, 2023


January 2nd, 2023





Agisoft Metashape For Windows 7 & 10 64-Bit Download

This page is about downloading the latest setup of Agisoft Metashape. The app comes with a free trial that you can test before going to buy its paid version. Agisoft Metashape for Windows is an application that allows you to easily and safely uninstall a program while keeping all of its files and settings.

This is an excellent application to have on your PC, as it can help you get the most out of your PC, by letting you take the time to uninstall programs you don’t need and keep all of the files and settings that you do. The program also has the capability to support a variety of different operating systems, ensuring that you can find a solution that works with your PC.

Processor requirements

Agisoft Metashape is a photogrammetric processing software that transforms digital images into 3D spatial data. It has a wide range of applications, such as aerial and ground-based photography, geodetic data, and cultural heritage documentation.

If you want to use Agisoft Metashape, you will need a multi-core CPU and a compatible GPU. The software has a very high level of computing power and supports a variety of image codecs. This means that it can create high-quality results, especially for dense point clouds and textured polygonal models.

The minimum CPU for Metashape is an Intel or AMD processor with at least 2 cores. Adding more cores will improve performance. In addition, you may want to add a second graphics card to your system. High-end cards with CUDA or OpenCL support can speed up resource-intensive processing steps.

In order to work with Metashape, you will need at least 500MB of hard drive space. You can also use a solid-state drive. A fast NVMe-type SSD can transfer data faster than a traditional hard drive.

Memory requirements

If you want to use Agisoft Metashape, you will need a system with enough memory. The algorithm used by the software will require a powerful CPU with a high clock speed.

For optimal performance, you will need at least one high-end OpenCL or CUDA-compatible graphics card. These cards offer a number of unified shaders that help to accelerate resource-intensive steps in the processing pipeline.

You will also need a solid-state drive (SSD) to host your metadata. SSDs boot your system much faster than traditional hard drives and are fairly inexpensive.

Depending on the type of data you intend to process, you can opt for a dual-socket Intel Xeon or AMD EPYC-based server. A dual-socket system will allow you to run a large data set in parallel.

The amount of RAM you will need will depend on your data set. If you have a large project, you will need more than the minimum recommended RAM.

Supported OSes

Agisoft Metashape for Windows is an imaging and digital photo software application that provides users with a variety of features. It is capable of creating 3D models from photographic images. In addition to being a lightweight application, it also has a user-friendly interface.

To use this software, you need a computer with a compatible graphics card and CPU. If you want to speed up processing, you can purchase a high-end OpenCL or CUDA-compatible video card. Also, it is recommended that you buy a high-speed multi-core CPU, especially if you intend to perform complex geometry reconstruction algorithms.

This app can be installed on both Windows and macOS. It is compatible with EXR, JPEG, and TIF files. Moreover, it supports depth maps-based tiled model generation. You can also calculate vegetation indices and remove texture artifacts.

As a professional photogrammetry tool, Agisoft Metashape is very reliable. Nevertheless, the software is still relatively new. That is why you should install the latest version of this app in your system.


Agisoft Metashape For Windows is an imaging and digital photo application. This software offers a wide range of features to suit the needs of both novices and experts. It is easy to download and install.

The application comes with a fully functional trial period. However, if you want to make the most of the software’s features, you must activate the program by purchasing a license.

After installing Agisoft Metashape, it will appear in the Control Panel. If you want to remove the program, you can uninstall it by clicking the Uninstall button.

You can also use the System Restore feature to remove programs that may interfere with the functionality of your computer. In this process, you will need to back up all of your personal data and then restore your system to a previous state.

If you want to delete Agisoft Metashape, you can do so by clicking the Add or Remove Programs icon in the Control Panel. To do this, you must first close all open applications.

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