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April 20th, 2021


April 20th, 2021


12.80 - 12.70

Advance Turbo Flash Offline Setup Download Free

About Turbo Flasher

Basically, ATF Advance Turbo flasher is a free tool that removes mobile locks, factory locks, provider locks, and various security settings enabled on several phones to prevent you from using it.

The flashing tool works with multiple models of modern smartphones and is regularly updated for expanded compatibility. Cold flashing via “Skip ADL Chk” is possible.

We have checked the download links it absolutely free and working and cleaned by dangerous viruses. The Turbo flasher has been developed by the Advance box Team. This PC software can be installed on 32-bit versions of Windows XP/Vista/7.

Turbo Flasher Has Different Versions

Advance Turbo Flasher comes with different versions. Every new release comes with a lot of features. The developers including different models in every update.

Turbo Flasher v12.60:

In the first release of Turbo flasher v12.60 the developers added only a few models, so you can unlock some phones only.

Turbo Flasher v12.67:

If the new release came in the market, we have found several phones including Samsung, HTC, Huawei, and Nokia.

Turbo Flasher v12.70:

If you have updated the Turbo flasher software to v12.70, you will get more models unlocking features.

Turbo Flasher v12.80:

The developers have been released the latest update as a v12.80. By updating your box to v12.80 you will get more unlocking features. In this update, you will get high-speed unlocking.

If you have a Turbo flasher, please update it regularly to get high performance. We will share updates very soon if it will be available.

Supporting Models


  1. SL1, SL2 SIM lock remove via codes
  2. New Rapido SL3 SIMlock remove. The following versions are supported:
  3. 5800d (RM-356) – v31.0.008 – v30.0.011 – v31.0.101
  4. 6790s – 1c (RM-492)
  5. 6790s – 1b(RM-599)
  6. E63 (RM-437) – v400.21.013
  7. E71 (RM-346) – v400.21.013
  8. N96 (RM-247) – v30.033 – v30.101
  9. Simlock RPL decoding/relock


  1. SL1, SL2, SL3 Super dongle key repair
  2. SL1, SL2 SIMlock data repair


  1. Supports new loaders for SL3 phones:
  2. New RAPUYAMA loaders with the new protocol (2010 loaders)
  3. Dead USB flashing (for new loader models also)
  4. Super fast Nokia flashing
  5. Nokia E52 full flash via Fbus (49 sec)
  6. Nokia X3 full flash (29 sec)
  7. Nokia 6500c full flash via Fbus (28 sec)
  8. Nokia 6700c (48 sec)/Nokia 6120c (52 sec) full flash

Turbo Flasher Features

  1. High-speed turbo flash
  2. New protocol devices X3, X6, E52, E55, 6700, etc. and all Rapuyama Fbus flash
  3. Tuning and Maintenance
  4. Life Timer Tuning (reset/write lifetime)
  5. Factory Reset
  6. Warranty Edit
  7. Production Data Edit
  8. Read/write camera configuration
  9. IMEI and locks
  10. Safe decoding by means of code calculation (Supports SL1 SL2 and some SL3 models)
  11. Decode / Relock Using RPL method
  12. Super Dongle key repair
  13. PM (Permanent Memory)
  14. Read/write permanent memory using SX4 Server
  15. Phone Test (self-test)

Download Menu

By managing the download menu you can get the full setup of Advance Turbo Flasher. We have shared the latest version here. If you have any questions or complaints about the post, you can contact us here.

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