ActivePresenter Screen Recorder For Windows 7 – 10 & 11 Download Free

ActivePresenter Screen Recorder

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July 7th, 2022


July 7th, 2022





ActivePresenter Screen Recorder For Windows 7 – 10 & 11 Download Free

ActivePresenter Screen Recorder For Windows Review

Here we have shared the latest setup of the ActivePresenter screen recorder and free download links are available for download. Basically, Active presenter is a free screen recorder for Windows and all over OS.

The free version of ActivePresenter Screen Recorder For Windows features limited editing options and a responsive design. However, if you’re interested in a more advanced version with more features, you should upgrade to the premium version.

This review will cover the advantages of the paid version and explain which features you may want to consider. In addition, we’ll discuss which features are essential and which ones are not.

Free version

So far ActivePresenter is free for users. If you’re looking for a free screen recorder for Windows, you’ve come to the right place. The ActivePresenter Screen Recorder for Windows Free Version allows you to record desktop, full screen, and area videos.

The free version has powerful editing tools for making professional-quality recordings. You can convert your presentations to video, add audio, or add text. And you don’t have to worry about watermarks or advertisements.

There are several reasons to choose a paid screen recorder. The free version is able to record events on a specific area of your screen, including your application window.

You can also record the entire display with just a single click. After you’re finished, you can export the results as videos or images. But remember to look out for the adware or spyware that can harm your PC.

Basic editing options

The active presenter screen recorder is a great tool for capturing video and recording desktop activity. Its basic editing options, however, are somewhat limited.

Users can adjust the timing, use different cursor effects, and enhance recorded videos. Despite these limited editing options, the software’s performance is very good, and it’s a recommended download. Here are some ways to get started.

Start by selecting a project and defining a range. Once you’ve defined a range, you can make the selections that you want to include in the video.

The Timeline pane has four buttons that let you select a range. Without a range, these buttons will be disabled. The Playhead shows the current time, and the End Marker indicates the beginning and ending points of the selected range.

Responsive design

ActivePresenter’s newest version is responsive and supports flex and grid layouts. It allows you to scale both width and height and maintain aspect ratio.

You can easily edit content and make it look its best on any screen. It’s also easy to convert non-responsive projects to responsive ones. If you’re interested in trying out ActivePresenter for free, download it today.

Atomi’s ActivePresenter screen recording software provides all of the essential features you’ll need to record anything from a computer screen to voiceover.

It supports screen recording in both video and audio formats and includes tools for adding visual cues and text. In addition, you can even export your screen recordings as HTML5 and add text to speech. For a truly interactive screen recording experience, Atomi ActivePresenter is a powerful tool for creating screencasts.

Basic recording options

When using ActivePresenter Screen Recorder For Windows, you should be familiar with some basic recording options. First, you must enable the app to have access to your computer. To do this, click the ActivePresenter icon in the system tray or Taskbar.

When clicked, a recording toolbar dialog will be displayed. The toolbar will contain basic information such as sound level and webcam preview. Next, you can select one of the three functional recording commands.

There are a variety of free screen recorders available, including Icecream. For example, ActivePresenter offers a free version that lets you record various regions of the screen.

Other features include time and file size limits. This free version has some limitations, though, and is not recommended for use in online presentations. Other free screen recorders lack video editing features. Some may even have a watermark.


If you’re a frequent user of screencasting programs, ActivePresenter may be one of your best bets. This free tool allows you to record and annotate your screen, while also adding features such as zoom, pan, and cursor effects.

The program comes in three different versions, including a free version, which lacks the editing features and watermarks of the Pro version.

ActivePresenter is available in three different editions: free, standard, and professional. Each edition provides powerful recording features and editing tools. Additionally, recording files can be exported in multiple formats and are completely free for non-commercial purposes.

It is available for Windows and Mac users alike, making it a useful tool for those with a limited budget. However, if you’re looking for a free screen recorder, Atomi ActivePresenter may be a better choice.

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