ShareX Offline Installer Free Download For Windows


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February 10th, 2022


February 10th, 2022





ShareX Offline Installer Free Download For Windows

ShareX is a free download for your computer that allows you to record and capture screen content. It is also compatible with over 80 online destinations. This application has been actively developed for more than 10 years, and has a dedicated community of users.

It has many features, including an annotation editor that allows you to add notes and comments to videos. To download ShareX for Windows, you must follow the directions below. Once the download is complete, open the file with your antivirus program and select a location for the installation.

ShareX is a fully featured screenshot tool that offers many customization options and is free. It also comes with a comprehensive knowledge base. You can download ShareX for Windows in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.


ShareX Safe

It is completely safe to download and install, and is free of advertisements. It also features automatic url shortening and printing, as well as support for the Windows Explorer context menu. To install ShareX, you can follow the instructions on the installation page.

To download ShareX for Windows, you can visit the official website of the application developer. The official site will provide you with a link to the download. Click on the “Free” button to access the installer.

You will then be prompted to accept the terms and conditions of the software’s licensing. There are no ads, and the program is free to download. This version is compatible with Windows 7, XP, and Vista operating systems.


What’s New

Apart from the software’s ability to record screen activity, ShareX offers several features that make it an excellent choice for screenshot-taking. For instance, you can capture videos of your desktop activity, sort clipboard contents, and even create a screenshot video.

This application is also very customizable. You can set the hotkeys and customize the program according to your needs. The free version includes all these features. If you would like to download the latest version, you can do so here.

ShareX is free and open source software that lets you capture and share your screen activity. It allows you to upload images, text, and other types of files to your favorite image hosts. Unlike other software, it also allows you to use your own bootloader.


ShareX For Windows 10

The setup can support for Windows 10. You can always install it on all other OS. The main function of ShareX is to upload your screen activity to your chosen destinations. It also records your actions on your screen. Then you can save the screen capture as a picture or video and share it with your friends.

The free version of ShareX includes all features needed to record screen activity. It can also record screencasts. Moreover, it can record sound. You can share the recordings to over 80 file hosting services.

With these features, you can make your screenshots more attractive. Besides, you can also save your screen activity to your clipboard. You can use the video to upload it on the web. This freeware allows you to record your screen activities.


Capture & Share Screenshots

You can also share screenshots from your screen using ShareX. This freeware program offers different ways to take screenshots. It can record video, take snapshots, and annotate images.

It also offers different features for screen capture. Despite being free, ShareX can be a great choice for your screenshots. With ShareX, you can make your screenshots as creative as you want them to be. It also helps you edit videos.

You can share screenshots using ShareX for free. It’s an open-source software, so it’s free for personal use. You can share any type of file via ShareX, including images, videos, and text. You can upload files from your clipboard and URL.


Supporting Destinations

It also supports many destinations. Once you’ve uploaded a file, ShareX can record the activity of the screen and automatically save it in your clipboard.

Apart from recording and sharing screen content, this application also allows users to sort clipboard contents. Its responsive hotkeys make it easy to share screenshots.


Is ShareX Safe?

Sharex is absolutely free and safe to use. So you don’t need to worry about the app if you are first time using it and have any doubt. It supports various file formats, including video and audio.

It also supports 80 websites, including Dropbox and GitHub. It allows you to record screen activity and annotate it. Once you have uploaded a video, you can download it to any of your devices. You can share the video to a number of different websites.

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