4Ukey Latest Setup For Windows Download


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April 20th, 2020


April 20th, 2020




4Ukey Latest Setup For Windows Download

You have visited this page for downloading the latest setup of the 4ukey iPhone unlocker. Nowadays forgetting your iPhone or iPad can be quite scary and irritating, it does not necessarily have to be a disastrous one thanks to various tools. If you already have the backup for all your data, then take note that the simplest method entails restoring and restarting the iDevice, as it removes all personal information.

Basically, 4uKey is a free and easy platform that helps you to remove or bypass the security of the iPhone in a simple process. It always regardless of whether you have the backup or not. Restoring the passcode entails following a few simple steps that are indicated in the GUI as well. Therefore, after you connect your iDevice with a USB cable, you can hit the Start button and then proceed to download the Firmware Package Online.

Afterward, you can access the Start Unlock button and wait patiently for the tool to bypass the password and restore your phone. The program can come in handy if you decide to sell your iDevice, as you can delete everything that contains passwords and personal data. Simply put, the program wipes all data and performs a clean factory reset that prevents the recovery of any previous data.

We recently acquired a second-hand iPhone for which you do not know the password or you forgot the passcode for the one you are currently using, then perhaps 4uKey could come in handy. The latest setup is available on several sites so you can get it in a few minutes if you have an internet connection.

The application should work well with a wide variety of passcodes, namely 4-digit, 6-digit, alphanumeric or custom numeric. Not only does it reset these security features so you can access your mobile phone, but it also removes the forgotten passwords for Touch ID and Face ID at the same time. You can download it by following the download section menu above. You will need to update your apps regularly if you wish to get new features for it.

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